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Posted 09/25/2020
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This is the second week where Dynamite and NXT have returned to head to head competion. With the Wednesday Night Wars now back in full swing, the pattern we saw before the hiatus seems to have returned as well. Specifically, Dynamite continues to exhibit dominance over NXT in the ratings, especially in the 18-49 demographics. This week, the AEW show had 20.0% more viewers than its WWE counerpart. Here are the details.

  • Dynamite lost some of their audience this week. It fell from 886,000 viewers last week to 835,000 viewers this week. That's a notable drop of 5.8% for the AEW show. The show's 18-49 demographics rating also fell correspondingly. It dropped from 0.34 last week to 0.32 this week.

  • Unlke Dynamite, NXT saw an improvement in its ratings this week. The size of the audience increased from 689,000 last week to 696,000 this week. That's a small increase of 1.0%. In regards to the 18-49 demographics rating, however, it remained the same as last week's at 0.18.

Due to Lance Archer testing positive for the coronavirus, AEW had to make up an impromptu main event for Dynamite this week. And thanks to a mistake during the promotion's last All Out pay per view, AEW was able to come up with an impromptu storyline. In a battle royale match during All Out, Eddie Kingston was eliminated even though he was never technically thrown over the top rope. The winner of that battle royale was supposed to get a shot at the World Championship, so this week's main event became a World Title match Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley. In addition to this title match, the show also featured a TNT Title match between Brodie Lee and Orange Cassidy, the in ring debut of Miro (f.k.a. Rusev), and the surprise return of Cody Rhodes.

Over on the USA network, NXT was also headlined by a match with World Title implications. The main event was a five-man elimination gauntlet match between Kyle O'Reilly, Kushida, Bronson Reed, Timothy Thatcher and Cameron Grimes. The winner of this match will get a shot at Finn Balor's NXT Championship at next month's NXT TakeOver. In addition, this week's episode also featured a women's battle royale where the winner gets a match against NXT Women's Champion, Io Shirai. And similar to Dynamite, there was a match featuring the show's secondary title as North American Champion Damian Priest faced off against Austin Theory.

Unlike NXT, both Raw and Smackdown saw their ratings decline.

  • This week's Raw was met by a lot of criticism from fans, and the ratings reflect this. The viewership fell from 1,689,000 last week to 1,667,667 this week. That's a small drop of 1.3%. While this drop by itself is not very significant, it does mark the fourth straight week of declining ratings for the red brand. Raw's 18-49 demographics rating was able to hold steady, though. It came in at 0.50, the same as last week's.

  • Smackdown's ratings have been doing relatively well for the past month. But this week, they fell sharlpy. The number of viewers tumbled by 12.5% as it shrank from 2,329,000 viewers last week to 2,037,000 viewers this week. With the sharp decline in viewership, the 18-49 demographics rating also fell. It went down from 0.6 last week to 0.5 this week.

Although NXT did make up a bit of ground in the ratings this week, it wasn't ennough to break Dynamite's winning streak. Dynamite's win-loss record now stands at 38-8-1 for viewership and 46-1 for the 18-49 demographic. Correspondingly, NXT's record is now 8-38-1 for viewership and 1-46 for the 18-49 demographic. With this week's AEW victory, Dynamite has now extended it winning streak to seven weeks in a row.

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