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Posted 10/09/2020
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Both shows in the Wednesday Night Wars saw sharp declines in their ratings this week. This was most likely due to heavy competion from the Vice Presidential Debate that aired on the same night. (Debate related programming took eight of the top ten spots in the night's cable ratings.) Since both shows ratings fell by approximately the same margin, Dynamite was able to maintain its winning ways against NXT with a 17.8% larger audience. Here are the details.

  • Dynamite's audience plummeted by 13.0% this week. Its size fell from 866,000 viewers last week to 753,000 viewers this week. As for the show's 18-49 demographics rating, it fell from 0.33 last week to 0.31 this week. This ranked #19 in the Cable Top 150 for the 18-49 demogprahic.

  • NXT saw about the same decrease in its audience as Dynamite. It fell from 732,000 viewers last week to 639,000 viewers this week, which constitutes a drop of 12.7%. Its 18-49 demographics rating also fell, dropping from last week's 0.19 to this week's 0.16. This places NXT at #56 in the Cable Top 150 for that demographic.

This week's Dynamite was a dedication to Chris Jericho's 30 year career, so the show was peppered with video messages for the "demo god" as well as a Jericho main event. In addition, this episode contained three championship matches. Brian Cage took on Will Hobbs for the FTW Championship, FTR faced off against TH2 for the Tag Team championship, and Cody tried to regain the TNT Championship from Brodie Lee.

This week's NXT was the fallout episode after NXT Takeover 31 this past weekend. Although there were no championship matches in this episode, it featured the returning Ember Moon, Kushida versus former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa, and the continued storyline involving the Undisputed Era. At this point, it is unclear whether the upcoming WWE Draft will affect NXT. If so, next week's episode could mean a whole new landscape for the black and gold brand.

Over on Monday and Friday nights, Raw saw a big drop in its ratings while Smackdown experienced a small increase.

  • Raw saw a very nice jump in the ratings last week, but that boost was negated this week by a corresponding decline. The show's viewership fell by 7.5% as the audience shrank from 1,822,333 viewers last week to 1,686,000 viewers this week. Correspondingly, the Monday night show's 18-49 demographics rating fell from 0.55 last week to 0.52 this week.

  • For the second week in a row, there was an improvement in Smackdown's ratings. The size of the audience increased from 2,110,000 last week to 2,155,000 this week. That's a bump of 2.1%. Smackdown's 18-40 demographics rating, however, remained the same as last week's at 0.6.

Although AEW took a big hit in Dynamite's ratings this week, it still came out ahead in the Wednesday Night Wars. This extends Dynamite's winning streak to nine weeks in a row. With this victory, Dynamite's win-loss record now stands at 40-8-1 for viewership and 48-1 for the 18-49 demographic. Conversely, NXT is now at 8-40-1 for viewership and 1-48 for the 18-49 demographic.

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