Wednesday Night Wars 11/25/2020 Ratings

Posted 12/01/2020
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Although it was only by a 0.3% margin, NXT scored more viewers than Dynamite again this week. The last time this happened was just four weeks ago, and it is rare for the WWE show to score a larger audience like this twice within such a narrow span of time. As usual, though, Dynamite still scored higher in the 18-49 demographic. Here are the details.

  • NXT experienced a very healthy ratings boost this week. The size of the audience grew by a big 11.6%, with the number of viewers increasing from 638,000 last week to 712,000 this week. There was also a big improvement in the show's 18-49 demographics rating. It went up from 0.14 last week to 0.20 this week. Among cable television for the night, these ratings placed NXT in the #25 spot for the 18-49 demographic and the #63 spot for overall viewership.

  • Dynamite's ratings plummeted this week. The audience size fell from 850,000 viewers last week to 710,000 viewers this week. That's a huge drop of 16.4%. Similarly, the show's 18-49 demographics rating also took a big hit. It fell from 0.37 last week all the way down to 0.26 this week. One can argue that the low ratings were due to the fact that this was Thanksgiving eve, so a large portion of the television audience may have been traveling. However, it is debatable how much of an effect that actually had since the ratings actually went up for NXT. Despite the relatively low ratings for the AEW show, it still performed decently in the cable rankings this week. Among cable television for the night, Dynamite came in at the #7 spot within the 18-49 demographic and the #64 spot for overall viewership.

In regards to WWE's other shows, both Raw and Smackdown saw an improvement in their ratings.

  • Raw is definitely on an upswing at the moment, with this being the third consecutive week in which the show's ratings have improved. The show's viewership increased from 1,778,667 last week to 1,808,000 this week. Although that is only a small bump of 1.6%, Raw's 18-49 demographics rating experienced a more significant boost. It went up from 0.51 last week to 0.57 this week. Among cable television for the night, Raw came in at #4 for the 18-49 demographic and #24 for overall viewership.

  • Smackdown also saw an increase in viewership. The size of the audience went up from 2,234,000 viewers last week to 2,326,000 viewers this week, an increase of 4.1%. The Friday night show's 18-49 demographics rating also improved. It went up from 0.6 last week to 0.7 this week. Among network television for the night, Smackdown ranked #1 in the 18-49 demographic and #8 in overall viewership.

With what many may consider a surprise win by NXT this week, Dynamite's winning streak in the Wednesday Night Wars has been abruptly stopped. Unfortunately for WWE, though, the black and gold brand still fell short in the 18-49 demographics rating. So NXT's win-loss record this week becomes 10-45-1 for viewership and 1-55 for the 18-49 demographic. This conversely makes Dynamite's record 45-10-1 for viewership and 55-1 for the 18-49 demographic. Next week, Dynamite promises to be a stellar show with a World Championship match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega. We'll have to see if that's enough to allow Dynamite to regain the top spot.

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