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Posted 12/05/2020
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Both AEW and WWE presented special episodes of Dynamite and NXT respectively this week. For NXT, this week was the go-home episode before its TakeOver: Wargames event this Sunday. Over on TNT, AEW presented a special Winter Is Coming episode. The result? Dynamite was able to garner a 38.8% larger audience than NXT as well as a better 18-49 demographic rating. Here are the details.

  • Dynamite's ratings took a nose dive last week. But with this week's special episode, it more than rebounded thanks to the surprise appearance of Sting and the featured championship bout between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega. In the viewership department, the show's audience grew from 710,000 viewers last week to 913,000 viewers this week. That's a giant boost of 28.6%. Similarly, the show's 18-49 demographics rating shot up. It skyrocketed from 0.26 last week to 0.42 this week. This is the show's highest rating for that demographic since November 2019. Among cable television for the night, Dynamite tied with college basketball on ESPN for the #1 spot in the 18-49 demographic .

  • Perhaps due to Dynamite's strong ratings this week, NXT saw a decline in theirs. The number of viewers dropped by a big 7.6% as the audience went down from 712,000 viewers last week to 658,000 viewers this week. In regards to the 18-49 demographics rating, NXT's fell from 0.20 last week to 0.16 this week. Among cable television for the night, NXT came in at the #40 spot for the 18-49 demographic.

Over on Friday night and Monday night, WWE's two other major wrestling shows also saw a decline in their ratings.

  • Smackdown's ratings experienced a big tumble this week. The viewership fell from 2,326,000 last week to 2,141,000 this week. That's a big drop of 8.0%. As for the show's 18-49 demographics rating, it also went down, falling from 0.7 last week to 0.6 this week. Among network television for the night, Smackdown ranked #2 in the 18-49 demographic and #10 in overall viewership.

  • After three weeks of increasing ratings, it was inevitable that Raw's ratings would eventually go down. This week, the size of Raw's audience fell from 1,808,000 viewers last week to 1,741,000 viewers this week, a drop of 3.7%. The show's 18-49 demographics rating also fell correspondingly. It went down from 0.57 last week to 0.53 this week. Among cable television for the night, Raw came in at #4 for the 18-49 demographic and #19 for overall viewership.

It wasn't suprising that Dynamite's special Winter Is Coming episode this week allowed the show to make a come back from last week's loss in the ratings. The question now is what will happen next week. Even though next week's Dynamite isn't labeled as a special episode, AEW has already announced that Sting will be speaking. So that might be enough to give Dynamite another win next week, but only time will tell. Unti then, Dynamite's win-loss record in the Wednesday Night Wars now stands at 46-10-1 for viewership and 56-1 for the 18-49 demographic. For NXT, its record is now 10-46-1 for viewership and 1-56 for the 18-49 demographic.

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