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Posted 02/05/2021
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Last week, Dynamite only had 14,000 more viewers than NXT. But as expected, AEW's numbers greatly improved this week with its special Beach Break episode. Comparing the viewership between the two shows, Dynamite came away with a huge 38.4% larger audience than NXT this week. That, along with a 18-49 demograhics rating that is more than twice that of NXT's, Dynamite was once again the clear winner in this week's Wednesaday Night War. Here are the details.

  • With Beach Break, Dynamite's viewership shot up be a huge 15%, making up for the drop in audience last week. The size of the audience grew from 734,000 last week to 844,000 this week. The show's 18-49 demograhics rating rebounded also, although it wasn't by quite as large a margin. It went up from 0.29 last week to 0.32 this week. Among cable television for the night, Dynamite came in at the #3 spot for the 18-49 demographic and the #63 spot for overall viewership.

  • This week, Dynamite's gain was NXT's lost. While Dynamite's audience grew by 15%, NXT's fell by 15.3%. It shrank from 720,000 viewers last week to 610,000 viewers this week. Similarly, NXT's 18-49 demographics rating took a big tumble. It slid from 0.21 last week all the way down to 0.15 this week. Among cable television for the night, NXT came in at the disappointing spot of #51 for the 18-49 demographic and the #77 spot for overall viewership.

As for Raw and Smackdown, both shows were able to score the #1 spot among the coveted 18-49 demographic this week.

  • The size of Smackdown's audience had been growing for three weeks in a row, so it was inevitable that the viewership had to come back down eventually. This week, the viewership dropped from 2,383,000 last week to 2,304,000 viewers this week. That's a small decline of 3.3%. Likewise, the show's 18-49 demographics rating fell slightly, falling from 0.63 last week to 0.62 this week. Despite the weaker ratings, however, Smackdown was able to score the #1 spot for the 18-49 demographic among network television. In terms of viewership, though, the blue brand only came in at #8.

  • For the third consecutive week, Raw's ratings have remained relaitve steady. This week, the size of Raw's audience went up from 1,819,333 viewers last week to 1,892,333 viewers, a small increase of 4.0%. In addition to the viewership, Raw also experienced a nice bump in the 18-49 demographics rating. It improved from 0.52 last week to 0.58 this week. Among cable television for the night, Raw was able to score the #1 spot for the 18-49 demographic for the second week in a row and the #17 spot for overall viewership.

Although NXT have beaten Dynamite in the ratings in the past, it seems like that occurrence is happening less and less overall. At some point, WWE and the USA Network should just consider moving NXT to another night. Despite any denials on WWE's part, it is obvious that one of the main reasons NXT airs on Wednesdays is to nip Dynamite in the bud. However, after more than a year of Dynamite dominating NXT in the ratings, this obviously isn't happening. So instead of trying to oppress other wrestling promotions, maybe WWE should take a page from AEW's book in finding ways to co-exist with other promotions. (Look at how AEW is working with Impact and New Japan.) While the Wednesday Night Wars are still on-going, though, this week's AEW victory makes Dynamite's win-loss record 55-10-1 for viewership and 65-1 for the 18-49 demographic. On the flip side, NXT's record now stands at 10-55-1 for viewership and 1-65 for the 18-49 demographic. With this week's results, Dynamite winning streak now stands at ten weeks in a row.

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