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Top Box Office Draws For the Week of April 12, 2024

Here are the top movies at the box office from April 12, 2024 through April 18, 2024.

Latest Top 10 Movies Across Streaming Services

Find out which movies were most popular across major streaming services for the week of March 11, 2024.

This Week's New Movie Releases

Watch the trailers for the upcoming movies that are being released during the week of April 14, 2024.

Furiosa Has A 15-Minute Action Sequence That Took Over Two Months To Shoot, And I Love The Nickname For This ‘Important’ Moment In Anya Taylor-Joy’s Mad Max Movie

The Mad Max: Fury Road prequel contains a 15-minute action sequence that took over two months to film and has a great nickname.

'I Think They're All Fluid': Challengers' Josh O'Connor Talks About Whether The Zendaya Movie Has A Queer Storyline

Challengers filmmaker Luca Guadagnino has been known to explore LGBTQ+ themes in his movies, does his tennis romance count among them?

Quentin Tarantino's 10th Movie Is Wide Open Again, But I Don't Think He Should Do That R-Rated Star Trek Film

As a longtime Trekkie, I'm very much against the idea Quentin Tarantino should do a Star Trek movie.

‘Foul And Unacceptable:’ The Internet Is Not Holding Back After A24 Posters Were Caught Using AI, Mucking Up The Chicago Skyline And More

A24 has been promoting its newest film Civil War with AI imagery and the internet’s not holding back their responses.

Jennifer Garner Got A Surprise Birthday Call From Julie Andrews, And Her Fans Had The Best Reactions To Her Fangirling

Jennifer Garner spoke to Julie Andrews on her birthday and her fans can't get enough of her reaction.

Dune Director Reacts To Javier Bardem’s Character Being Turned Into Memes

Dune: Part Two was a wild success, and Denis Villeneuve has seen those memes about Javier Bardem.

I Have No Idea Why Sydney Sweeney Dressed Up As A Chic Pirate, But Now I Need To See Her In A Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie

Sydney Sweeney clearly can look the part, so now I need to see her in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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