The Story Behind Margot Robbie's Iconic Bubble Bath Scene In The Big Short

Posted 09/23/2023 from Cinema Blend

Over the last decade, Margot Robbie has become a household name and a Hollywood powerhouse, with diverse roles that have garnered her critical acclaim and a legion of fans. From her breakout performance as Jordan Belfort's fiery lover in The Wolf of Wall Street to her recent billion-dollar block-buster turn as Barbie, the Aussie actress’s career has been nothing short of impressive. However, one scene that has remained etched in the minds of many moviegoers is her memorable bubble bath moment in Adam McKay’s 2015 financial crisis comedy-drama, The Big Short. We will dive deep into the sudsy behind-the-scenes of what made this scene so iconic and how the Suicide Squad star’s stance on nudity in film has evolved over the years.

A Brief Yet Memorable Appearance

Margot Robbie's role in The Big Short may be fleeting, and you're forgiven if it slipped your memory – there's even a hilarious viral video where Brad Pitt and the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood lead struggled to recall that they shared the screen. However, her performance leaves an indelible mark for those who do remember. 

In a film dominated by intricate financial lingo and intense drama, her character offers a refreshing and unexpected break. The iconic bubble bath scene, where the Terminal actress plays herself, was a breeze to shoot. In 2018, she told a packed audience during The Hollywood Reporter Actors Roundtable discussion:

In a bath, drinking my champagne, it was the easiest day of work I’ve ever done in my life. Half a day shooting in a mansion in Malibu, with real 20-year-old Dom Perignon champagne that Adam McKay pulled out, I was like, ‘This never happens.’

In this memorable scene – which you can watch below – Robbie's “character” indulges in a luxurious bubble bath, sipping champagne while elucidating complex financial concepts with a blend of wit and insight. This moment serves as a refreshing departure from the Wall Street chaos proceedings and contributes to the movie being one of the best stock market movies of all time. 

Margot's Perspective And History With Nudity In Film

The I, Tonya star's journey to Tinseltown stardom has been remarkable. From bursting onto the scene as the seductive Naomi in The Wolf of Wall Street to the role of an exotic dancer in Terminal, she has fearlessly embraced diverse characters. She hasn’t shied away from the more vulnerable scenes–even when feeling awkward.

Robbie has been candid about her views on nudity and its portrayal of sexual power in the film industry. Drawing from her own experiences of appearing nude in previous films, she doesn't inherently oppose such scenes. However, she emphasizes the importance of having clear motivation and self-awareness within a role to ensure that these moments contribute meaningfully to the overall narrative. 

Unlocking The Significance Of The Bubble Bath Scene

The Birds of Prey megastar wasn't the sole high-profile performer to grace The Big Short with a fourth-wall-breaking scene. She was joined by other notable figures, including Richard Thaler, Selena Gomez, and Anthony Bourdain, who took on the task of unraveling intricate concepts in a humor-infused manner. In a 2015 IndieWire interview, Director Adam McKay described his inspiration as a fusion of the frenetic Jason Bourne style with Wall Street drama, incorporating the inventive fourth-wall-breaking approach seen in the 2002 Steve Coogan comedy 24 Hour Party People.

The Focus performer's emphasis on the scene's nudity underscores its purpose and self-awareness, elevating it into a memorable cinematic moment. The iconic bubble bath scene showcases her knack for infusing even the shortest appearances with charm, wit, and unexpected humor. As her career evolves, Margot Robbie continues to captivate audiences in front of and behind the camera, establishing herself as a formidable presence in Hollywood.

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