Latest Top 10 TV Shows/Movies Across Streaming Services

Posted 04/15/2024

Find out which shows/movies were most popular across major streaming services for the week March 11, 2024.

#1 The Gentlemen
Action, Comedy, Crime

When aristocratic Eddie inherits the family estate, he discovers that it's home to a huge weed empire, and its proprietors aren't going anywhere.

Streaming service: Netflix

Minutes streamed: 1,857,000,000

#2 Damsel (2024 Movie)
Action, Adventure, Fantasy

A dutiful damsel agrees to marry a handsome prince, only to find the royal family has recruited her as a sacrifice to repay an ancient debt.

Streaming service: Netflix

Minutes streamed: 1,542,000,000

#3 Love Is Blind
Reality TV, Romance

Singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like, have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating.

Streaming service: Netflix

Minutes streamed: 1,438,000,000

#4 Bluey
Animation, Family

The slice-of-life adventures of an Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog puppy as she has fun with her family and friends in everyday situations.

Streaming service: Disney+

Minutes streamed: 1,062,000,000

#5 Grey's Anatomy
Drama, Romance

A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.

Streaming service: Hulu / Netflix

Minutes streamed: 830,000,000

#6 Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Comedy, Crime

Comedy series following the exploits of Det. Jake Peralta and his diverse, lovable colleagues as they police the NYPD's 99th Precinct.

Streaming service: Netflix / Peacock

Minutes streamed: 819,000,000


The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Washington, D.C. Major Case Response Team.

Streaming service: Netflix / Paramount+

Minutes streamed: 797,000,000

#8 Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (2023 Movie)
Documentary, Music

Experience the Eras Tour concert, performed by the one and only Taylor Swift.

Streaming service: Disney+

Minutes streamed: 677,000,000

#9 Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War

The series chronicles the creation of the atomic bomb and the spread of nuclear arms over the following decades. It continues past the dissolution of the Soviet Union to Vladimir Putin's ascent and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Streaming service: Netflix

Minutes streamed: 621,000,000

#10 Young Sheldon

Meet a child genius named Sheldon Cooper (already seen as an adult in The Big Bang Theory (2007)) and his family. Some unique challenges face Sheldon, who is socially impaired.

Streaming service: Max / Netflix

Minutes streamed: 618,000,000

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